Therapies for the Treatment of Alzheimers

Our Company

Alzex is a collaboration of researchers, scientists, and investors that have developed and patented precision therapeutics for the treatment of Alzheimers and other neurological diseases.

Alzex currently holds two families of patents via an exclusive and unlimited licensing agreement with INSA (Institut National des Sciences Appliquées) a major French academic engineer and research institute.

Our North American headquarters are located in Vancouver B.C with our laboratories located in France.

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"Spending on care for people alive in the U.S. right now who will develop the affliction is projected to cost $47 trillion."

Our Mission

Our mission is to bring to market newly synthesized drugs
designed to stop and reverse this deadly disease.

Our Partners

VFP Therapies have developed innovative chemical entities, called BioPrecursors, that have the ability to go through the Blood Brain Barrier and selectively act on specific receptors to induce therapeutic effects.

At the same time, we also carry out contractual work on behalf of pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Such ancillary contracts may focus either on joined development work or on the provision of a service, specifically in the area of side effects of drugs for brain diseases.

VFP Technologies


Alzex has devised an innovative therapeutic approach aimed at treating brain diseases by means of highly selective bio precursor drugs (prodrugs).

This new class of drugs do not deploy any biological activity before they have crossed the blood-brain barrier, and hence do not induce significant side effects.
The therapy can then target specific receptor sites in a more selective way , forming a superior delivery system through the blood-brain barrier.

The validity of this approach is evidenced by our progress on Alzheimer’s disease. The company has developed and patented two families of this new class of drugs, of which we have “proof of concept” in animal trials (in-vitro).

This technology can be applied to any number of brain diseases.

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